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For some of you vinas, the next couple of weeks will involve heading off to university and attending orientation, which will not only act as an introduction to your academic life but your social life, too.

I was lucky enough to meet my best friend Meg at our freshman orientation. We were in the same specialized college at our university, and by some twist of fate, we were also placed in the same orientation group. Besides bonding over our embarrassingly obvious crushes that we harbored for our orientation leaders, we also quickly came to realize we were both from California, shared the same stupid sense of humor, and liked a lot of the same things – from fashion to food. It was like “love at first icebreaker”, and we’ve been best friends (and roomies!) ever since.

We are babies in this photo! Also, this was before VSCO, aka before Instagram filters stopped being cool.

I don’t think our experience is rare – believe it or not, I’ve heard a lot of similar BFF origin stories! It might seem impossible to find your new bestie in the sea of 17- and 18-year-olds flocking into your new school, but I think with a little bit of effort it’s totally possible.

Look, bonding in action! (📸: Boston U. Orientation)


Your orientation leaders are making you play those annoying ice-breaker games for a reason, so pay attention! Did someone mention their fave movie is the same as yours? Is one of the girls in your group from the same town or city? These are all clues to who your new BFF may or may not be. Listen for the things you have in common, and then chat your brain-twin up after the game’s over!


I’ll admit that Meg and I had a little bit of a head start. We had connected on Facebook pre-orientation through our class group page, but someone still had to make the first move. Whether digitally or IRL, don’t be scared to be the one who starts a convo. Most of the newbies are itching to meet their new squad, but some people are more shy than others. If you’re proactive by introducing yourself and starting conversations, I’d guess you’re about 95% more likely to meet some new vinas.

DSC_0345 (1).jpg


Most universities have official Facebook pages, Twitter handles, and even Instagrams for each graduating class and orientation week. These platforms are great for everything from finding your Fall semester roomie to hitting up your classmates about Summer assignments. It can also be a great place to meet new friends who seem interesting from their profiles. There’s no shame in it – Meg reached out to me about potentially rooming together. Even though we didn’t end up rooming together until sophomore year, it was nice that we had chatted online before we met at orientation. You can also use apps like Hey! VINA to check out local gals in your university’s surrounding area and connect with other orientation-goers! I certainly wish this had existed when I was a freshmen – who doesn’t want to swipe right for their new BFF?

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