If you aren’t familiar withParks and Recreation or Leslie Knope, played by the insanely talented Amy Poehler, then I highly suggest that you clear your evening schedule, have a seat, and start streaming. Not only is the series itself side-splitting hilarious, Leslie has also taught me the P’s and Q’s of being a straight-up #bosslady.

In any given episode, you can find Leslie:

Bucking the status quo and going after what she really wants. She is constantly trying to dismember the “good old boys club” and tackle patriarchy from inside the system. We all cried a tear of joy when she made it onto the City Council.

Dressing to impress. Leslie never shows up without the proper get-up to get her going.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 9.28.20 AM.png

Assuming responsibility and respecting accountability. Leslie has a cheeky and affective way of getting right to the heart of this issue. Because it’s not someone else’s problem, it’s already yours.

Keeping priorities in check. 


Killing em’ with kindness. The best mode for communication is to always be the bigger person in any conflict. Being petty won’t get you anywhere.

Believing that a woman can do it all just as well. Just because it might feel like a man’s world doesn’t mean a woman can’t do it just as well (or even better). Leslie is constantly reminding us that she’s in a man’s world and that Parks and Recreation is typically a male-oriented profession. Sometimes, she works twice as hard to prove it, but prove it she always does.

leslie knope 4.png

Placing her best self forward. Nothing goes further than a good attitude. If you can keep a smile on your face, you can tackle anything, and you can inspire anyone around you to jump your (albeit insane) awesome bandwagon. Pull your self up by the bootstraps, and flex those smile lines.

Having big goals and big dreams. Do you remember that entire season she wanted to build a park and fill in that huge hole? She never gave up, no matter how crazy everyone else thought she was. Leslie was determined to see that hole filled in.

Supporting and celebrating her fellow women. Leslie Knope brought Galentine’s Day to the mainstream and reminded us that there’s no greater love than female friendships.

galetines day.png

Leslie Knope is an inspiration to us all. We salute you.

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