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Behind every great app is a technical goddess who can code her way to the moon. An OG member of our product team, Mo is the lead iOS engineer at VINA. She builds any shiny new feature that comes with every app update and solves technical challenges big and small. In a previous life (aka, the era before VINA), she was doing brilliant things at Twitter.

Okay, Mo. This is an easy one. Why do you love working at VINA HQ?

First of all, ALL LADY TEAM! This is SOOOO refreshing after about nearly a decade of school and work in the tech industry, where there are dudes for days. Working with women is just extremely chill and pleasant, and I am reminded of how grateful I am every time a friend comes to me with a workplace sexism issue.

I am not the type to naturally dominate the floor in a meeting, so it’s nice not to have to worry about how hard I’m leaning in every day. It’s also so much fun to work on an app that I enjoy using, that helps women enjoy their lives more. Hey! VINA is such a fresh concept.

I joined right around when the app first launched, and things have been really crazy-exciting the entire time. I’ve learned so much over the past six months while building out core features and having tons of ownership over a product that’s moving fast.

Mo Kudeki 3.png
Swagger via Mo Kudeki

We “hear” that you have a side hustle. Tell us all about it.

[Chuckle] … my side hustle is DJing and music production. Happy to use this interview as a shameless plug! I mostly do house, techno, and trap and spin at parties around SF. I grew up playing the cello. Once I moved here and started going to a lot of electronic shows and festivals, it gave me a musical outlet again that I desperately needed & combined it with my love for a good party.

I feel totally free to be myself lost on a dance floor, and the underground dance world feels like home. I used to throw a monthly party at Public Works. This year, I have been spinning at friends’ Burning Man parties and events while trying to take more time to master music production, which is both fun and challenging.

Let’s get silly. Guilty pleasure?

On my Hey! VINA profile, I usually say something like “dancing till dawn” for this question in the hopes that I’ll find another techno babe out there. But I think my guilty pleasure as of lately has been internet beefs. I had SO MUCH FUN the day when Kim dragged Tay. I KNOW they’re both PR queens, but the drama is so entertaining no matter how real! I hope there’s a secret video out there of Tay and Kim just kickin’ it and plotting the whole thing. 😉

Mo Kudeki 2.png
Cuteness via Mo Kudeki

Let’s hear you lady brag. Favorite thing about yourself?

I point my nose in the direction of fun (especially when making life decisions), and it’s led me to some great experiences. I try not to spend too much of my day/month/year doing things that I don’t wanna do, and I’m not at all afraid to enjoy my time on planet Earth.

You are out of this world chill. Okay, which 5 emojis describe you best?


Mo Kudeki 4.png
Selfies with vinas via Mo Kudeki
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