Date Ideas Explore New York City


Manhattan is the iconic home for a lady date, as made popular by the iconic vina crew of Sex and the City. Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha showed us a more glamorous way to handle what life throws at you and your vinas and the true meaning of sticking it out together.

We’ve got a list of vina dates to inspire the  kind of rendezvous that might make our vinas in the city proud. Get together, get out there, and get to it. The world is waiting to meet you both.


Coffee Manhattan
Via Alexandra Martin

This is a “never gets old, still love you to death, we just met” kind of date. A coffee date is for first-timers and hundredth-timers. It never loses its necessary, classic, and functional appeal. To get caffeinated with your vina, our fave Manhattan spots have options for any kind of coffee lover. They not only roast a proper bean but have a vibe that helps you nestle in: Box Kite, Third Rail Coffee (sunny and sip-able), Cafe Grumpy (we love the name, and you’ll leave feeling anything but), Irving Farm (love, love, love), Two Hands (minimalist and essential).


Via Egg Canvas

Some meals are so crucial that they span across several hours. Let’s be real: brunch has a special place in your heart. So naturally, wen picked out some of our local vina go-to eateries to keep your tummy and talk-time satisfied: Coco&Cru (an Aussie inspired haven of delish),  Chikarashi (poke bowls that are a total dream), Egg Shop (egg sandos at any time of day, thank you), Baz Bagel in Little Italy (they take this bagel thing serious).


The beauty of Central Park is that it is central to everything. 😏 It’s easy to forget in a concrete jungle just how essential it is to lay beneath a canopy of green every now and then. Plan a vina date. Pack some snacks, take a walk, and find yourself some quiet to get lost in for a bit. If you want to be active about it, rent some bikes. Take a ride, and earn those snacks.


You can’t not happy hour in Manhattan. I personally would also order a Manhattan, but I’ll let you make that call. Some of our fave spots infuse drink specials with the a surreal setting: Cienfuegos (makes us feel like we’re drinking inside Frida Khalo’s imagination), Russian Vodka Room (the live pianist makes you think that you’ve stepped into another world), Cask Bar and Kitchen (moody, delicious, and right up our alley).


Via Not Nicer

It seems silly to overlook museums as a vina date option with some of the world’s best museums in this part of the city. Scope out museums that offer free admission, or treat your vina and buy her ticket. Some obvious and not-so-obvi favorites are: The MOMA, The Museum of Sex, American Museum of Natural History, Fashion Institute of Technology.


Commit to a day in this insanely unique part of town, and give yourselves a little Italian vacay. Sip espresso outside and watch people stroll by. Wander around and shop the markets. End the day with a slow lunch (how very European of us) filled with pastas and cannoli. Because why not? Our go-to spot is Lombardi’s, a Little Italy iconic eat that opened in 1905.


Rubirosa NYC Pizza.png
Via Nancy Geduld

When in Rome, right? The debate for the best New York style pizza could be an ongoing affair for the two of you. Suggest a standing invitation, and try a new spot every weekend. Need recommendations to start this epic vina tradition? These places will have you saying “cheese, please”: Rubirosa in Little Italy, Koronet Pizzeria (slices the size of your face), Patsy’s Pizza (opened in 1933 and still a neighborhood staple), Vezzo (super thin crust and creative with the toppings), Zero Otto Nove (everything about this spot is everything).

We would love to hear what you think of these vina date spots. Show us your Vina dates on Instagram by tagging your picture with @ilikevina!

(Featured photo via @brandymelvilleusa)

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