Sisterhood Wellness


If wine varieties were vinas, Rosé is without a doubt the social butterfly vina in any summer event. She reminds us that life is better at a picnic lunch with friends, especially when celebrating a fellow vina’s promotion or engagement. Rosé wants to bask in the brighter things in life and reminds us that bad days are better on a yacht. (Or in your apartment as you stare at a photo of a yacht.)

While it’s not news that we love rosé, we weren’t prepared for our deep well of feels when we found out about rosé wine-flavored chocolate. It’s almost like the magical feeling you get when meeting a new vina for the first time and realizing you’ve found your soul sister.

Via Compartés

Los Angeles-based gourmet chocolatier Compartés has officially lit our wine-loving souls on fire with their new “Roses & Rosé” bar, a luxe blend of white chocolate and rosé with a sprinkle of edible crystalized rose petals. Yes, it’s the Marie Antoinette of chocolate, and we are unabashedly obsessed with it.

Now, you and your vina can live out your French royalty goals and lounge around on chaise chairs, sharing chocolate fit for two queens. Say YAS to another feel good Friday and swipe right for a new vina and some rosé-flavored chocolate.

(Featured image via

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