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Out of all our Beantown vinas, Dima has to be the baddest gal there is. She’s in grad school at Boston University, and she moonlights as a major #BossBabe, running her own philanthropic organization. Her foundation, The With Certainty Project, works to support local musicians while also donating funds to important philanthropic causes. It’s super awesome to see a young philanthropist working for her community, and we feel lucky to have her as part of our vina community!

I caught up with Dima (despite our insane schedules), and we had a nice chat all about With Certainty, her fave emojis (duh), and Hey! Vina:

Emma: Hey Dima! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for the VINAZINE. To start off, how old are you, and how are you currently spending your days?

Dima: Hey! I’m 21 years old, and I go to Boston University. I’m in my final year of grad school, studying occupational therapy with a minor in deaf studies. When I am not studying, I’m usually eating, watching Netflix, eating, working out, or queued up for a concert– but most likely eating. 🍟🍕🍉

I also began an organization in 2014, known as The With Certainty Project. The With Certainty Project aims to combine the talents of musicians with enthusiasm for philanthropy in order to promote artists and support worthy causes. It has been the best way for me to combine my love for human services with my love for music!

Wow! No wonder you’re so busy. I’m so happy you have time to use the app though. What’s excites you most about Hey! Vina?

After finishing undergrad, most of my friends left Boston so I decided that it was time to expand my social circle. Hey! Vina has given me that opportunity. I am all about women supporting women (~girl power~) so having a place to meet such diverse women and cultivate that support is awesome.

Right?! I love that too. What are your fave things to do with your vinas?

I love going out and exploring new places. I’ve definitely got the travel bug– whether it’s a weekend road trip or a EuroTrip, being able to experience a new culture, their food, and take photos is always super fun — especially when I get to do it with my vinas by my side!

Same. Traveling with our vinas is honestly just the best way to travel. Okay, now for the classic Hey! Vina questions: What 5 emojis best describe you?


What’s your guilty pleasure?

Definitely online shopping (though I usually just fill up my cart with an absurd amount of clothes, panic, and exit the page).

And last but definitely not least, what is your favorite thing about yourself?

I love that I am confident in who I am as a person.


Thanks Dima, we love that about you too! For our readers, you can find out more about The With Certainty Project on their website and connect with Dima on Instagram.

Not in Boston? Check out our other Meet Our Vina posts and download the app to meet your very own vina IRL!


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