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Everyone has some fringe friends. They’re usually a regular part of your routine: your hairdresser, barista, Jenny in cycling class, a friend of a friend. Or maybe she sits behind you in Econ, or she’s a fellow mom who has admirable taste in printed pants.

These women are on the periphery, and you probably even hold regular and good convos with them, compliment each other, know about their latest #ladybrag. How do we make the leap from someone you chat up every Tuesday morning at your regular coffeehouse to a true blue friend, the kind you can call in need and tell you which swimsuit not to buy. If you’ve got someone in mind, we have 3 tips for you to take your connection to the next level:


This first step is crucial because it sets forth a new path for the two of you. You must step outside the regular routine of your encounters. This means you could introduce a new, perhaps more personal, topic to the talks. Share something about yourself, or better yet ask them something new. Gauge how well this goes and perhaps repeat this step a few more times to get ready for step two.

2. MAKE IT 1-ON-1

Ask her to do something else besides chat while the carpool lane crawls along or as you sweat through hot yoga. We’ve got tons of great first vina date ideas here on the zine if you are running low on creativity. It is probably a good idea to keep this first date an one-on-one thing, even though your might feel more comfortable with your other friends there. But sometimes, it’s overwhelming to jump into a convo with friends who already know the stories, the references, and all the inside jokes in between. Give your new friendship its own space to grow roots.

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Keep that newly baked friendship at room temp by following up after your initial hangout. You can do this via text, keep her in the loop or share funny memes while at work. Or, invite her out the next time with a few of your other vinas and make an effort to keep her in the conversation. A friendship is a relationship, and it needs attention, water (stay hydrated, ladies) and some love. But, don’t go overboard and send her a million crown, cat, diamond emojis every other minute. Play it cool. You’re cool. You got this.

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