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Who run the world? Vinas! In our own busy world at VINA HQ, we have a new addition to our team who will be running our editorial and community programs, working (and werking) hard to create content for all things VINA.

Let’s get to know our chihuahua-loving queen of writing, Heidi:

Describe your idea of the perfect VINA date.                                                                

That’s a tough one. I’d have to say April 25th. Because it’s not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket. Miss Congeniality, anyone? Honestly, the perfect VINA date is one with a great view, a quiet space to talk and amazing company. I’m a big fan of museums, especially contemporary art. You can always follow up with another date and DIY modern art pieces of your own.

Which 5 emojis describe you best?

🍞🍞🍞🔑😂 (The key to life is carbs and a good sense of humor.)

Guilty pleasures?

Buying Pinterest-worthy plants and forgetting to water them. I’m not the most attentive plant mom, and succulents are more colicky than you think.

Favorite thing about yourself?

I am a champion of women everywhere. I was raised by strong women, and I believe in investing in female leadership. Oh, and I have great brows.

What excites you most about what we’re doing at VINA?

Hey! VINA is an app built by women for women to connect with other women. We know that making these relationships are so important, and we want to celebrate female friendships through technology. Can you imagine a world where you can access sisterhood with a swipe and a click? We can! We’re helping create that world at VINA HQ.

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Editorial @ VINA; lover of film, music made in bedrooms, art, and intersectional feminism; and harboring a (not so) secret weakness for reality TV and the color pink 💞💘. If I'm M.I.A. you'll probably be able to find me staring at an Ellsworth Kelly at SFMOMA or taking in the ocean breeze at Land's End.

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