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No one needs to tell us once again how important it is to get our bodies up and moving. Sometimes, though, we need a little bit of motivation. And the best motivation is a workout buddy. A vina who will get you off your butt when all you want to do is stay at home and binge-watch your favorite reality TV show is key to a healthy lifestyle.

Our current lady squad can enable our more unhealthy habits (don’t worry – we’re guilty, too), and we may need to find some #fitspo vinas to add to our social circle. We’re a fan of using the Hey! VINA app to easily find a new friend for that new workout class, but we have a few tips on how to find friends IRL!

Here’s how to find your new BFF while working out:

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This advice works for all walks of life, but is especially true to the gym: the best way to find new friends is to try a new class. You’ll meet tons of new people and develop a sense of camaraderie when you’re all getting your butts kicked by that seemingly impossible HIIT workout. Don’t know what to say to break the ice? Try some of our fool-proof friend pick-up lines!

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No one would make a better motivator than the girl who literally works out for a living. You can learn a lot from her, too – from proper stretching technique to the cutest workout clothing stores! Plus, in my experience, these women are so friendly and open to making friends. They work one-on-one with people all day so you know they’re going to be kind and charismatic. Don’t be afraid to suggest grabbing a coffee or tea with your trainer next week!  ☕️🍵



Everyone wants to be friends with the girl with all the yummy, healthy, post-workout treats.  Snacking together is a great way to socialize after a workout! Share healthy recipes, snacking favorites, and fave “cheat” foods with your new friends. Trust me, you’ll be the most popular vina in your yoga class, bootcamp, or walking group if you provide the noms.

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