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If anyone knows how overwhelming it can seem to make new friends after moving to a new city, it’s me. I’m probably the luckiest gal in the world that I work for VINA 👯 now, and I’m loving it. But that meant leaving all my friends in Boston behind and moving back to my hometown of San Francisco. As the saying goes, I definitely left my ❤️ in SF, but it seems like a lot of my old pals have moved away! I was nervous to leave the girls who had become my heart and soul on the East Coast and basically start from scratch in Norcal.

In my opinion, making friends in college is a breeze compared to making friends as a Real Life Adult. In college, we meet people we instantly click with in student groups, classes, and in the dorms. When we leave it can be harder to find a community to settle into, let alone a smaller trusted group you can really let your freak flag fly with.


For you ladies in the same position as me: have no fear!  We can totally do this.  In fact, I’ve already started and I’ve met some amazing women.  I’ve collected tips, tricks, and motivational tools for getting out there and finding your SQUAD. Are you ready?


Le duhhh! It only makes sense that you’ll bond with the people you see every day, plus they’re passionate about the same thing you’re passionate about! Women who are at the same level as you can become amazing friends. You may also find a mentor in one of your superiors. If you do, don’t let that opportunity slip away. I’ve already learned so much from my amazing superiors, and there’s still so much more professional and general life knowledge to soak up from them! Finding women in the workplace to look up to and learn from is truly priceless.


Chances are, there are other gals who like doing the same things you like doing. The hard part is finding them. Do you have a hobby? Crafting? Sports? Drinking wine? 🍷😉 Find a group of people who are already doing those things together, and join up! There are tons of recreational groups in every city, and they’re filled with people who enjoy your hobby too. Check local rec centers, hobby shops, and gyms for public groups you can join!


This might seem counter-productive, but trust me –  one of the best ways to meet new people is to just Get. Out. There. Even if you’re alone.  I’m talking solo coffee dates, going to the movies stag, seeing bands, museum visits, shopping, working out, taking a class, going for a hike, even going to dinner ALONE. 

When you’re by yourself, you’re putting yourself in a situation to be super approachable! You just have to be open to it and a little bit proactive. The key 🔑  is finding other people who are alone and chatting them up. It may be intimidating, but going out alone is more common than you think. The worst that can happen if you try to talk to someone is that they aren’t interested – it’s not personal, and you’ve put yourself out there! Which is a huge achievement and that’s all that matters.


I swear on mine and every cute puppy’s life: I am not just saying this because I work for VINA.  The Hey! VINA app is simply just a really, really awesome way to meet new friends. I’ve been using it since it first arrived in Boston, and I’ll use it forever, probably. The cool part is that every single vina on the app has already made a personal pledge to meet new people! So there’s no pressure – just find someone you think you might click with and meet up! Try organizing a vina meet-up with a few friends from the app – you’ll find your new squad in no time.


I would looove for this to turn into an ongoing dialogue. Comment below your story and/or any tips you’ve collected on your journey to meeting new people when you’re new in town! 👯😻



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