This is a guest post by Courtney Rogin. You can follow her on Twitter at @courtneyrogin.

Happy World Emoji Day! In celebration of my favorite language (apologies to my high school French teacher.), I sat down and took a long, hard look at the emojis that I’ve found myself wishing for.


Because sometimes just one glass of wine is not enough to describe your evening, happy hour, JoJo’s *rose* decision, or quiet night in of online shopping. No, using the champagne bottle emoji is not a reasonable substitution.


#2 LBD

The red dress dancer emoji is a great second place, but I NEED a classic, Holly-Golightly-esque fashion emoji. What better way to describe what you’re wearing on your day, to a job interview, or what you wish you would have worn than this simple, classic fashion.



For when I’m feeling healthy at lunch and proud I ate the salad instead of the burger, a salad emoji would be lovely. Sometime that captures my decision to make healthier choices…. Or for those ‘wish I had a salad’ moments.



There’s several uses for a yoga emoji. Everything from actually talking about your yoga class to talking about having a relaxing evening (think yoga emoji, wine bottle emoji, and sushi emoji.) But also, there’s TWO emojis for skiing, and a cricket emoji, but no yoga emoji.



This is intended to be one scale up from the snarky uses of the clapping hands emoji. Sometimes the clapping hands emoji is not enough sassy enough, and you need an emoji to truly describe a moment when you felt like a powerful women. This is the snapping hand emoji – no fluff, all sassy.

by raintheneko


For the 4 people who haven’t downloaded Pokemon Go, this is the thing that you catch all the Pokemon in. Seriously, how is everyone surviving not being able to emojify their Pokemon crawls? No Pokeball emoji? No Pikachu emoji? This is the most needed emoji on this list.
What emojis do you most need in your life? Comment below and let us know!


Illustrations by Emma Olswing – @emmaolswing


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