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We’re in the heat of the summer, which means our brains are only processing one of three things: sunshine, vaca and rosé on tap (it exists!). However, if you’re like me, it can be tempting to drop the necessary life things for a day at the park or a weekend getaway to the beach. Until we’re all livin’ large with personal assistants, here are 5 things you can do today to stay on top of it all.

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@olivianicolesilk knows how to keep a workspace de-cluttered + cute!

1. Clean your space.
An organized life starts with your work and personal space. A proper vina has her desk, apartment and everything in between cleaned up and ready to go. A messy environment can consume your thoughts and distract you from being productive. If you’re really struggling to get things organized, have a friend help! Offer to help each other get organized and be badass boss vinas together.

IMG_0342.GIF2. Get a calendar you’ll actually use.
Whether it’s digital or physical, you need a way of remembering those blasted appointments. Sometimes I use both my Google calendar and a fun planner, just in case. Whatever it is, get in the routine of checking it twice a day. Once in the morning before you journey out, and once before bed, just in case you may have missed something. Routine is key with this one, so hop to it!

via LEVO

3. Set reminders.
Speaking of routine, here’s one that’s super easy to help you stay on top of yours. Need to follow up with someone and don’t want to forget? How about picking something up at the store for dinner? Set reminders, alarms, whatever you have to do. Having trouble remembering your birth control? Set an alarm for that, sista. Siri is a magical vina that will help you remember everything. Don’t forget her!

via Skillcrush

4. Schedule weekly check-ins (with yourself).
Bills, budgeting, confirming doctors appointments, whatever it is – you need time each week to break away and get things organized. Set 30 minutes aside each week at the same day/time. Use this time to get all the little things done so you’re not worrying about them later. It may seem like such a feat, but you’ll soon realize that a little time goes a long way.

via Man Repeller

5. Get an accountability buddy!
Adulting is hard – so don’t do it alone! Find someone who is equally struggling and schedule check-ins to make sure you’re both staying on top of all your hopes and dreams and… insurance bills. There’s no sense in going it alone – grab a vina and conquer life together!

Have any other secrets you can share to stay on top of life? Share them in the comments below!

Feature image via @workinggirlsco

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