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We all get in a funk every once in a while, and sometimes our vinas need a little help to boost their moods. Whether it’s work, a relationship, or just life that’s kicking our butts, a little encouragement and reassurance from a fellow vina can go a long way.


There’s no better way to boost your vina’s mood (and energy) than with a surprise coffee first thing in the morning or during the dreaded afternoon slump. Hand-delivering the java would be a special treat to give your BFF some face-to-face lovin’, but if you’re stuck at work, almost anything can be delivered these days. Try delivery apps like Caviar or Postmates to send your gal a cup o’ joe!



Along the same lines, sending or delivering a yummy sweet treat during the day is a great way to let your vina know you’re thinking of her. Got a gal pal with a particularly sweet tooth? Make her day with a dozen donuts, a box of cupcakes, or a big bag of candy!  If you have some extra time, make the treats even more special by baking up some homemade chocolate chip cookies to inspire some cheer.


Sometimes, a simple text message can go a long way. When stress or bad vibes run rampant, it can be easy to forget about all the love and light surrounding us. A short and sweet message can be a nice little reminder. If your vina’s down in the dumps, show your support by shooting her a quick message about how much you love and care for her!



Show you’re thinking of your vina by sending her a bouquet of flowers. Sending flowers is an incredible gesture that’s extremely under-used (they’re not just for Valentine’s Day)! A pretty bouquet can brighten up any space, especially a murky head-space. They are sure to cheer her up!

The most important thing is that your vinas know you love and support them no matter what!  Material gifts aren’t necessary, but they are a nice way to show you care 👯💕✨


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