Sisterhood Thrive


Just because you get rich and famous doesn’t mean you don’t need a seriously fierce BFF. I mean, who’s going to help you spend all that money and stand by your side in front of the paparazzi? Who’s going to keep you grounded and help you take Insta photos and advise you when to turn down a seriously terrible job no matter how much money is on the table? No matter where this crazy ride of a life takes you, a ride-or-die is beyond essential. We put together this list of celeb besties that we are loving because they keep it real and they teach us a thing or two about staying true to real friendship no matter how many people are watching.


unnamed (1)

Two ladies that need no last name introduction. For some reason this friendship is ultra interesting to me and oh-so inspiring. They set the bar high for boss queens everywhere and we appreciate that kind of living. The two have been friends for a long time, but lately they’ve been captured bonding over their motherhood in addition to their mega moguls super stylish lifestyle. Momma goals, for sure.



Because being young, gorgeous, and mega models is enough of a reason to take yourself super serious, but we love these two because they are constantly captured doing anything but that. Whether they are backstage shooting selfies or scarfing sushi, they are always having the time of their lives. I mean, who can really blame them? We also hear they’re some kind of seven degrees related.



I can’t imagine two cuter humans joining joyful forces. They first met when Leah tweeted that she like Taylor’s music and the two have been besties ever since. In fact while trolling around Instagram after the fourth I found super cute photos of them in full blown celebration mode. Swift has made comments several times on what a massive inspiration Dunham’s work and writing has been for her. At the core of solid friendship is always that, an inspiration and an admiration for the other.



It’s always refreshing to see super-famous gals with their not-so-famous BFFs.  Rihanna and Melissa have been inseparable for as long as anyone can remember and they are a true testament to letting your friends keep you grounded.  Rihanna may be an international superstar, but to Melissa she’s the same down-to-earth vina she’s always been, and I love the support and respect they have for each other.


70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Show

A solid ingredient in any friendship is knowing how to tickle each other’s funny bone. We laugh when times are high, and when they’re low, sometimes there’s nothing else to be done. It’s the best medicine out there. It’s no secret that these two have that department basically nailed. I’d love to be a fly on the wall while they drain a bottle of wine.



We’re already Pretty Little Liars super fans, but nothing sealed the deal quite like the social media display of these real life BFF’s. They’ve been seen doing just about everything together, they even went to prom together. But recently their on set dance off had all of us wishing we were in on the vina-love.



The archetypal friendship. These ladies taught us what it means to stick it out back in the late nineties. And it’s nice to know their authentic rapport carried them off screen as well for the years to come. When I was a teen and thought about what it might be like to survive my twenties, they were the model of friendship and madness that I held to. And you know what, they were pretty spot on.

As much as we love our celebrity vinas, we always want to see you and your vinas out partying and having fun, too! Be sure to use the #heyvinaletsparty on Instagram and Twitter and show off your friendships!




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