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Lots of exciting things happening at VINA lately! (Check out our latest BIG, BIG news here!)

Included in all the exciting happenings is the latest addition to the VINA team – Emma. Emma is our content producer and illustrator extraordinaire who’s going to create all kinds of beautiful, fun, inspiring content. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and subscribe to VINAzine to make sure you see all her work!

Check out the Q&A below to learn more about our new lovely lady!

What’s been the best friend date you’ve been on?
Definitely the Euro-trip I went on with my good friend Gabi junior year. We visited so many amazing European cities after our semester abroad in London and we felt super empowered that we planned the whole thing ourselves and traveled alone! The best city was Berlin – SO much fashion inspo and amazing art.

What are some of your favorite things to do with your vinas?
I love going to shows and museums the most, but I also enjoy outdoor activities like hiking or going to the beach. I am also always down to jam with someone else who plays an instrument!  I want to start performing my music in public as EM-LUNA and I hope playing with some vinas is just what I need to build up my confidence. I just moved back to SF after four years in Boston, so I’m really excited to re-discover the city with old and new vinas!

What excites you the most about joining the VINA team?
I’m so excited to have the opportunity to work alongside such dedicated, strong women who have created this safe space to network with other lovely vinas. I’m really looking forward to creating engaging and fun content for VINA and our users and I can’t wait to help spread the VINA message of empowering, connecting, and celebrating women!

Which 5 emojis are in your Hey!VINA profile?
🙃😓🎨🎸🌙 (It was so hard to pick just five!!)

Guilty pleasures?
I tend to say I don’t believe in the concept of a guilty pleasure (I just think everyone should like what they like without judgement or shame) but I will say my friends lovingly scold me for religiously watching brain-rotting reality TV…but I will not stop!

Favorite thing about yourself?
That I can feel proud of the art I create.


You can connect with Emma on Instagram, and feel free to leave her a comment below to welcome her to the VINA fam!

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