Meet Our Vinas



Meet Breena! She is joining as one of our new VINA Society ambassadors, focusing on growing and engaging the VINA community and creating awesome new content on the VINA blog (now in the Hey! VINA app!) and around the web.

To get to know her a little better and give her a big VINA welcome, I sat down with her and asked a few fun questions about life, love and friendship:

Olivia: Let’s get started with a fun one. What’s been your most fabulous friend date so far?
Breena: Oh, this is easy! In 2013, my best friend of 20 years and I took a road trip up Highway 1, along the California coast. We started in San Diego and ended in San Francisco. Neither of us had done that road trip before, so we were sure to take our time, pop in and out of little cute cities, and really soak up our time together. She lives in D.C., so when we’re together, we really make it count! That trip was such a dream and led to my eventual move to San Francisco. It was hard not to fall in love right away! (We also created a fun little video of our trip!)

Olivia: When you moved to San Francisco, how did you make friends? We all know it was a tough one for me — hence us all being here today!
Breena: It’s so rough! Seriously. It practically knocks you back to middle school. When I moved from Indianapolis, I didn’t know anyone here. It was tough to navigate the friendship and dating world at the same time. Sometimes, I’d just go on dates hoping the guy would have decent female friends! Honestly, I wish something like Hey! VINA had been around, which is why I’m so excited to join the team, and spread the word so women everywhere don’t have to go through that anymore! Ultimately, I found my friends when I started dating my current boyfriend, but am now using the Hey! VINA app to find some new ladies to add to the bunch.

Olivia: What are your favorite friend date activities?
Breena: Oooo. Great question! Since it’s finally summer, I love going out to Russian River with girlfriends and just taking a Sunday to float around and catch up. It’s so easy and there’s no need to fancy up. If you stay in the city, I had a lovely vina date at Rich Table. Sit at the bar and ask the bartender what to get. It’s a great way to mix it up with other patrons if you want, or if not – just stick to giggling and whispering amongst yourself.

Olivia: Awesome! Now for the classic Hey! VINA profile questions — What’s your guilty pleasure? What are your 5 emojis? And what do you love most about yourself?

Breena: My biggest guilty pleasures: these sheet masks and Season 5 of “The Good Wife”. My 5 emojis are as follows: 💃🏻🤓✍🏻☀️🍹. And what I love most about myself is my genuine love and passion for life. I like being a person that tries to make the most of it.

Help us send Breena a warm welcome to the VINA Team, and connect with her on Instagram and Twitter! Ask any additional questions you have for her in the comments!

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