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What does it take to become a #bosslady in the office? Grit, grace and a little elbow grease. Ah, and let’s not forget about… time!

For women who are eager to grow quickly in their careers, it can feel like you’re always taking one step forward and ten steps back. But this is the bootcamp of life, vinas! You spend more waking hours at your job than you do with your family, friends, anyone. This is where you grow, where you stretch your mind and where you become a badass not only in your 9-to-5, but in life generally.

Need a little help staying focused? Here are four things to keep in your back pocket during your journey to victory.


Here’s the thing about becoming a badass in any aspect of your life – all you have to do is decide you are one. Voila! But, the tricky part is in reminding yourself you deserve it. (And yes, you do deserve it.) This requires a lot of practice, focus and support from your inner goddess, your friends, family, and anyone else you can wrangle. Sometimes it takes a village – don’t stress it!

Find a group of people who you trust to keep pushing you forward – people who will propel you. It becomes a lot easier to go into work every day, feeling on top, when you have people who have your back at home.

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Sometimes your gang is busy! Maybe they have their own things to worry about and aren’t available to keep you pushing through the grit. This is where some handy personal tools come in. As adults, we sometimes forget we can learn something new. Pick up a hobby, read more, take a hip hop class! Get your mind off what you should be doing and take a break to enjoy yourself.

And when all else fails, take deep breathes and give yourself a moment to escape. Not every decision has to be made in an instant – sometimes patience can be the sharpest tool you have.


Be poised. Listen more than you speak. And when you do speak, be direct and graceful about it. Sometimes being a boss is all about stepping back and supporting others. Don’t be too quick to judge, help others, and channel the most graceful person you know. (Diane from “The Good Wife” is mine… you can borrow her.)

Source: @lorina_daiana


Sometimes, it can be tough to enter a new workplace and battle the balance between colleagues and friends. But creating stronger bonds with coworkers is a great way to learn a new skill and sharpen your existing ones. Don’t be quick to compete, instead open up, offer a hand, and maybe even a drink.


After a long day of feeling like the world is against you, it’s important to remember – it ain’t about you, darlin’. The most badass of women will know the difference between things they can control and things they can’t. It’s a tough things to remember, but do your best.

The biggest takeaway with all of these tips is – you’re bound to forget them. You’ll forget to breathe, you’ll become competitive, you’ll lose perspective. But the important thing is to not be so hard on yourself. A part of being a #bosslady, a badass, and an all-around #1 is to just keep moving forward and do the best you can.


Feature Image: @bloguettes


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