Meet Our Vinas


We wanted to shoot real users who enjoy using Hey! VINA, so we teamed up with Amy Gray Photography and some local Los Angeles vinas for a fun day of new friends and photos. We’re catching up with Jillian, one of our awesome vinas from the shoot, to talk about her story and why she’s using Hey! VINA!

by Amy Gray Photography

Hey Jillian, can you tell us how old you are?

I’m 32 and loving it!

How long have you lived in Los Angeles? Where’d you move here from?

I’ve lived in LA, in Venice, for a little over two and a half years and moved here from Chicago…did I mention I now live by the beach year round?!

What fills your days?

When I’m not working in sales & marketing, I’m exploring LA with my dog Addie. Also, SoulCycle!

Why do you use Hey! VINA?

Because you can never connect with enough positive, inspiring women. When I first moved to LA and didn’t know many people, I found myself going on Tinder dates in hopes the guys would have quality female friends! Now I have the VINA community. 🙂

Any fun vinas you’ve met recently? 

Too many to count! Also, each one of the amazing VINAs at the photoshoot – they were all so fun, genuine, and accomplished.

Which 5 emojis are on your Hey! VINA profile?


What was your favorite part of the Hey! VINA photoshoot?

Laughing. Pretty much the non-stop laughing with new friends!

Thanks for being a special part of our first VINA shoot, Jillian!

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