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One of our favorite summer activities is reading. It’s the like being really adventurous and righteously lazy all at the same time. We love to keep a book in our purse and steal away just an hour here or there in the park, at a coffee shop, in the sun, on your couch. And like working out, even though it’s pretty solo, it is also a fave past time to share with a vina.

We’ve put together a summer reading list that will tickle the taste of just about anyone. So, go ahead and take your pick they’re all good in our book.

NON-FICTION: Brain On Fire, Susannah Cahalan


I am not sure what is more remarkable the story of this girls survival or the fact that afterwards she completely reconstructed a part of her life she has no memory of and tells it in a heart wrenching and scientifically enthralling way. I feel like I cannot even tell you what happens without giving too much away. But, out of nowhere this perfectly healthy and successful girl looses her mind, and it’s pretty much a miracle that she can even tell the story. You have to read it.




CATCH ALL & GO BIG: IQ84, Haruki Murakami


Leave it Murakami to pretty much defy all genres and turn up with something like this. I’ve been reading it forever because it’s massive and I love it and I never want it to end. It has everything from sci-fi to romance to some good ole fashion mind bending twists, and of course, language that only Murakami can pull off. If you’re up for the challenge of this 900+ page beast, then I highly recommend it.





ROMANCE: Me Before You, JoJo Moyes


Okay, this might go under romance/cry my eyes out until they’re so red that I look high, but still, romance. This book made me fall in love with it from opening the very first page and pushed my boundaries about sacrifice and love every step of the way. The story revolves around a woman living in her small home town who takes a job caring for a handsome business man who must live in a wheelchair since a tragic accident. Plus, it’s being turned into a movie and coming out this summer, so it’s always fun to read the book first. But, be ready to cry. Even a cynic of romance will fall for this book. It’s so damn good.



TRAVEL: Voyager, Travel Writings, Russell Banks


A captivating account of person and place that explores the undeniable intricacies of writing and travel and the relationship they create. A series of essays based around place rather than idea they each individually explore their own questions while speaking at times as a whole work of art. Now in his mid seventies, Banks has been exploring and wandering most of his life and seen a great part of this globe. In this collection, he brings together a lifetime of lessons and perspective, delivered to his readers with all the grace of a man who has seen it all.



COMING OF AGE: The Girls, Emma Cline


Not all reading has to be mind bending and take the effort of going to grad school. Some of my favorite books of all time are simple escapes that I read on a beach or in the secret of my bedroom. Set in the cult culture of California in the 1960’s, this coming of age story that explores the dangerous desire of young women’s need to be validated. It will have you devouring every page.





A CLASSIC: Slouching Toward Bethlehem, Joan Didion


I cannot write a reading list and not include this book. It is my favorite. And if you haven’t read it yet, then I take great pleasure in being the person who moves you toward it. It is a collection of essays that it in my opinion some of her greatest work. If you want a taste, read this now: On Keeping A Notebook.





Another idea: start a book club with your vinas… even though we all know that book club is code for wine drinking and hanging out club, we still think it’s great to bond over a great story.

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