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Your mom needs Hey! VINA, and she doesn’t even know it yet. The older you get, the more life changes. Making new friends becomes a challenge and the friends you used to have might not be there anymore. For Mother’s Day, be the best daughter ever and give her the one thing money can’t buy: a new best friend.


Now, don’t be surprised if you’re met with some resistance. After all, Hey! VINA is new, it’s digital, and like most amazing things (microwave ovens, electric toothbrushes, etc.), it may seem a little strange at first. We’ll help you convince Mom that Hey! VINA is the hottest thing since sliced bread.

  1. AN EMPTY NEST SHOULDN’T MEAN EMPTINESS – Growing up, your mom’s world revolved around you. She put her big plans on the back burner, waiting to revisit them once you were grown. Now that time has come, but what’s she doing with it? She spends more time catching up on daytime TV than planning her European backpacking trip or learning how to paint. What she needs is an accountabili-buddy! Friends can be an amazing source of motivation. Learning a new skill or planning a trip is made so much more enjoyable when you’re doing it in the company of friends.
  2. IT’S GOOD FOR HER HEALTH – Some days, the only reason you leave the house and put pants on is because a friend wants to get lunch or needs a ride or somehow convinces you to go to yoga. We all get like that, and the same can be said for your mom. Having friends is a massive motivator to do pretty much anything, even basic necessities like eating and bathing. Think about Mom, sans bathrobe, going out for a night of dancing with a new vina. Or getting involved in water aerobics with said friend. They could wear those cute swim caps with flowers on them. Think of all the good you’ll be doing.swim-caps2
  3. BUSY MOMS DON’T BOTHER – We know you love her, we do, but does it ever feel like she’s mothering a little too much? She told you what to do, when to go to bed, what to wear, and what to eat while you were under her roof, but it doesn’t seem to have stopped now that you’re on your own. We know she means well, but you’d rather her be off having fun than sitting at home worrying about you. Helping her find fulfilling friendships and her own social life means more time to be in charge of yours. We call that a win-win.

We could go on. We could talk about how making friends might increase her social and cultural awareness, how it will boost her confidence, how it might help stave off social isolation which can lead to depression, how it can help keep her mind and body active and youthful. Not to be dramatic, but you’re saving a life. Hey, we said we were up to something good over here.

Share the love with mom and sign her up for Hey! VINA. She wants you to, she just doesn’t know it yet.

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