Meet Our Vinas


By Amy Gray Photography

Shanna joined our shoot in Los Angeles and we couldn’t have been happier! Just look at that smile! (You can’t help but smile back 😄) Here she is to tell you a bit about herself and why she’s using Hey! VINA!

Hey Shanna, can you tell us how old you are?

I’m a young 44.

How long have you lived in Los Angeles? Where’d you move here from?

I moved to Los Angeles from New Orleans about 14 months ago after a traumatic break-up. I needed a BIG CHANGE.

That IS a big change! What fills your days?

I consult businesses on marketing and social media. Also, I’m currently writing a book on Online Dating. (I found my perfect match in 10 days.) I love hiking and riding my bright pink scooter around Pasadena, and, of course, LA is perfect for that. I also love photography and I’m saving for my dream camera.

You go girl! Sounds like you stay pretty busy! Why do you use Hey! VINA?

I want to add a few more strong creative female friends to my life. When I moved here from Louisiana, I hardly knew anyone. Plus, with LA being so spread out I’ve discovered it’s important to have people who live fairly close to you so you can actually make the time to meet up in person.

Who’s someone you’ve connected with on Hey! VINA?

I met Kelly, someone who shares my love of photography, on the VINA photoshoot. We had a great time exploring and taking behind the scenes photos of the shoot, as well as enjoying the really great elements of the Arts District. She lives in the area, so we’re looking forward to meeting again to shoot more and also to possibly try Moby’s new vegan restaurant in LA. I’m excited by the possibility of finding someone who lives close to me who also has a scooter. We could start a girl gang!

Which 5 emojis are on your Hey! VINA profile?


What was your favorite part of the Hey! VINA photoshoot?

I really enjoyed meeting so many diverse women at one time. It was such a great mix of ages and ethnicities. Each woman I met was a unique new friend! It was also a perfect weather day to be outside, and creative photography is “therapy” for me, so the whole process was enjoyable. And Amy is fantastic – she helped everyone to feel comfortable and have lots of fun in the process!

Thanks for being a part of our shoot, Shanna!

You can connect with Shanna on Facebook, her website, Twitter, and Instagram!

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