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It’s basically (almost) summer now and the best way to celebrate is a spot-on playlist. How many times have you been dancing, driving, laughing with your vina and thought, this is the soundtrack to my life?!

How does music even do that? How does it cut through all the chatter and play with your heartstrings?

I mean, Bob Marley has said a lot of wise words, but he really cuts to it with this one: “One good things about music, when it hits you feel no pain.” Right Bob, we totally agree.

So, in the spirit of summer we’ve complied a list of our favorite songs for rolling the windows down and singing at the top of your pretty little lungs. Grab your nearest vina or take a drive to the one farthest away. These songs are as random as life and just as much fun.

Enjoy! Let life be your dance party.




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