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As times change, our habits evolve. Don’t get us wrong, we love happy hour. We really love it. And we will never forego it, but life is about balance. For every two dollar taco we chow o-FRIENDS-EXERCISING-570down there is a Pilates class looming in the distance. There are usually two camps of people when it comes to working out: love it and can’t live with out it, or bear it and have to live with it. Wherever your allegiance lies to getting your heart rate up, we all know it’s inevitable. But there is good news.

There is strength in numbers, joy in numbers, and a certain camaraderie between friends who sweat together that cannot be duplicated elsewhere. We’ve been brainstorming the three best reasons to grab a gal next time you want to sweat it out.


The hardest part about working out isn’t actually the workout. It’s getting up and into those yoga pants and out the door. There are some days where it will seem seriously impossible that anyone ever has done a yoga class. But, then she calls and your favorite teacher is on at two, and she’s going. So, damn you have to get up and get there. Because there is something undeniable in the accountability of someone else waiting for you. There is motivation to be gained and classes to be tackled.


Working out is a great space to get your feelings moving as well. It releases endorphins and mitigates stressed. So whether tour boyfriend or your boss is driving you crazy. Or maybe you’ve just got a straight up case of classic melancholy because life is hard and the world it turning. Having a workout partner in tow allows you a space not only to alleviate these feelings but talk them out. There is no greater therapy than speaking the truth, and there is something about suffering side by side treadmills that will naturally bring it out.


Working out with someone is a great activity whether you’ve known them for years or just recently met. It’s something different and can expose you to new places. And it’s not drinking, which can be a default setting all too often.

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Plus, there are a plethora of ways to go about it. You will never tire of options: go hiking, running, or walking. Take a yoga class, barre class, Pilates class… we could keep going. Try something unexpected. Join a water aerobics class or a rock climbing gym. Pick up a racket and put on some goggles and try racket ball. TRX, standup paddle boarding, kiteboarding, cross fit… Whatever! There are ending options.


And last but not least one of the great wonders of working out is earning that treat afterwards. Once you and your gal pal finishing those squats and stairs, take yourself to a juice bar, out for some fro yo, or if you’re like me a well deserved happy hour. There is grace in moderation and a blessing in that balance. Go find it.

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