Sisterhood Thrive


In case you didn’t know, March is Women’s History Month and today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day!

Today, we celebrate the social, economic, artistic, technological, and political accomplishments of women around the wold. Take a moment today to reflect on where we came from and to refocus on where we’re going! Let’s use this year to continue helping women make history… make some new friends… and make some big #ladybrags together! 

💖Jen + Olivia xx

P.S. If you’re interested in supporting grassroots global women’s organizations, we endorse making donations to they do an amazing job finding, vetting, and and managing donations to emerging global women’s empowerment non-profits around the world.

Hey! I'm Founder & CEO of VINA! I'm obsessed with meeting new friends, connecting people, social psychology (I have a degree in it!), and I'm passionate about empowering women around the world. I want to help us all live our best lives, and I want us to have a lot of fun getting there!


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