Sisterhood Thrive


We love the extra festive time we get to spend with friends during the holiday season. Thinking about what to get your girlfriends this year? Here’s part 1 of our best gifts for the awesome women in your life.

1. VINO for VINA


Do you have a #vina who loves her #vino?
Find the perfect gift at @glassful!

Every gift box includes 3 bottles of fantastic wine, your message in a handwritten note, and a special surprise, all starting at $54. 🍷🍷

2. Baking Bitches!


For the #vina in your life who makes bitchin’ cookies, or who cooks at all, this 🍪 cookie stamp 🍪 will help her get her message across in a way that’s both sweet and sassy. Find it on Brit + Co for $15.

3. Stitch Sisters


Handcrafting and the zodiac calendar, it’s a match made in the 💫 stars! This is a perfect gift for that girlfriend you’re just getting to know. Crafty says thoughtful, and it’s in the ‘under $30’ range.

This ‘Stitch the Stars’ calendar comes with 12 calendar cards, 1 embroidery needle, glow-in-the-dark embroidery floss, and of course instructions.

Gift from @heatherlinshome

4. For the Badass Bitch


For the times that you’re feeling a little less sweet, and a little more sassy. Light it up like the girl boss you are. 👯 Get it on Brit + Co for $18

Stay tuned to our Instagram for more great gift ideas! 

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